Health Communication Campaigns

For nearly 30 years, Mind & Media has helped organizations communicate important health messages to the public, clinicians, laboratorians, public health professionals, military leaders and personnel, and other audiences.

Our expertise allows us to transform cumbersome, complex source material into clear, informative, and easily understandable narratives.

The challenge our clients face? Delivering educational material that their audience: 

Can use in real-world situations

Our track record speaks for itself as our satisfied clients praise the profound impact our materials have had on their audiences. We offer a range of tailored solutions.

Association of Public Health Laboratories

Developing Continuing Education for Laboratory Professionals

Since 2013, Mind & Media has produced 54 modules of web-based continuing education for laboratorians worldwide. These self-paced web-based trainings refresh learners on lab safety and procedures, testing processes, interpreting test results, and more.

We keep learners engaged through videos and animations illustrating proper laboratory techniques, case studies based on real-world situations, and other interactive exercises.

We have also produced translated versions of many of the modules.

Learn more about our work with APHL.

Center for Deployment Psychology

Training Therapists to Address PTSD

Mind & Media produced 77 video vignettes demonstrating specific therapeutic techniques to deliver PTSD therapy.

Knowing that stilted dialogue often mars video-based training, we cast experienced standardized patient actors and shot the scenes as guided improvisations. Our videos captured interactions that feel authentic and give viewers insight into how they might guide their own patients through similar sessions.

Mind & Media successfully planned all aspects of the shoot, including casting, location scouting, set building, producing, shooting, and editing. The result is a compelling, believable series that covers all desired learning objectives.

Learn more about our work with CDP.

Veterans Health Administration

Recruiting Top Talent with Compelling PSAs

Mind & Media produced three PSAs to bolster the VHA’s recruitment process and encourage top-notch professionals to consider a career with VHA.

Our PSAs emphasize VHA’s cutting-edge technology and world-class experts, as well as the personal satisfaction that comes from a career dedicated to honoring and serving our nation’s veterans.

Compelling storytelling and captivating visuals contributed to the wide reach of these videos, which reached over 5 million views on YouTube and 127 million impressions through donated TV and radio commercial spots.

Learn more about our work with the VHA. 

Food Allergy Research & Education

Increasing Food Allergy Awareness

Mind & Media produced an animated PSA and several video news releases (VNRs) to promote FARE’s “Teal Pumpkin Campaign” to include children with food allergies in Halloween trick-or-treating. Viewers are encouraged to offer non-food treats and display a teal pumpkin to indicate their participation. “Teal is the New Orange” was developed specifically for use on social media for the general public, and it was a hit! In just over a month the video was viewed over 800,000 times.

Learn more about our work with FARE. 

USDA Food & Nutrition Service

Promoting Nutrition Education in Schools

Mind & Media created three videos to help FNS promote their free nutrition education program, “Discover MyPlate,” to kindergarten teachers. The program “tour” video shows teachers how the program is easily integrated into their classrooms.

We created the “Reach for the Sky” music video for teachers to use with students, encouraging fun physical activity while they sing a catchy song that emphasizes key program messages.

A series of “Look & Cook” recipe videos show teachers how easy it is for children to create simple recipes in the classroom. These videos depict clear, easy steps to create simple meals that children enjoy.

Learn more about our work with FNS. 

Kansas National Guard Resiliency Center

Improving Psychological Resiliency

Mind & Media produced a one-hour training film for soldiers and their partners covering how to become more psychologically resilient in dealing with life’s challenges.

The inventive product includes an on-screen host and interviews with subject matter experts who deliver the training in a linear way, bolstered by testimonials from soldiers explaining how they learned to deal with stressors effectively.

Interspersed throughout the linear training are video vignettes of a storyline with actors, in which we see the same themes of psychological resiliency, or lack thereof, play out among characters the viewer comes to care about. This reinforces the key messages in a holistic way.

Mind & Media successfully handled all aspects of development, production, and postproduction in house.

Learn more about our work with KSNG 

National Center for PTSD

Encouraging People to Seek Help for PTSD

Mind & Media produced three web-based multimedia presentations and a video to urge people to seek effective care for PTSD.

Our three web-based presentations include moving video interviews with survivors and mental healthcare providers. They help viewers understand that they are not alone, reduce fear of the unknown, and correct common misconceptions about treatment.

Most importantly, they emphasize that there are several treatment protocols shown to be very effective in reducing the symptoms of PTSD so that people can get their lives back.

Our 15-minute video on Cognitive Processing Therapy gives patients an in-depth look at CPT, one of the successful evidence-based therapies.

Learn more about our work with NCPTSD. 

Army Sexual Harassment
& Assault Response & Prevention

Changing Army Culture Around Sexual Assault

Mind & Media produced a comprehensive video suite for the Army SHARP program, including 30 training videos, 25 PSAs, and 15 leadership briefings.

Our team understood the subject matter had sensitive themes and took the utmost care to represent difficult situations realistically and professionally. The scenario-based videos equipped personnel with the knowledge and skills to identify, prevent, and respond to instances of sexual harassment and assault.

Most importantly, we integrated memorable action steps into the materials so viewers would remember and be able to use them in high-pressure situations.

Learn more about our work with Army SHARP.  

Brain Tissue Repository

Center for Neuroscience & Regenerative Medicine

Attracting & Educating Potential Donors & Participants

The Brain Tissue Repository and the Center for Neuroscience & Regenerative Medicine both wanted to re-brand and create a new look and feel that supported their missions, attracted volunteers for research and donation, and highlighted their positions as sources of information and education.

For each of these centers, Mind & Media identified ways to overcome uncertainty and misconceptions about donation or study participation. Mind & Media helped these centers:

  1. Rebrand to attract participants and address the sensitive issues of traumatic brain injury. This encompassed new logos, style guides, marketing materials, websites, and videos.
  2. Create an inspiring mission video. We created a poignant video to communicate the BTR’s mission. By weaving together storytelling elements and real-life situations, this video inspires viewers to make a difference through donations.
  3. Create an approachable educational video. Our “Meet the Researchers” video for CNRM tells a unified story about the clinical trial experience in a personal, interesting, and easy to understand manner.

Learn more about our work with the Brain Tissue Repository. And learn more about our work with CNRM. 

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