Our Services

Mind & Media creates innovative communication programs, campaigns, and tools that create positive change. Whether you’re:

  • Raising public awareness through social media,
  • Training people nationwide with cost-effective elearning modules, or
  • Re-branding your organization to reflect your new direction,

Mind & Media combines incisive communication strategy with cutting-edge technologies to create solutions that shape the way audiences think and inspire them to take the right action.

Communication Strategy

Mind & Media can help you develop a strategy or campaign, whether you need to roll out online training to hundreds–or hundreds of thousands–of dispersed people, rebrand your organization, or make millions aware of a crucial issue, we can help you address any communication challenge.

  • Planning

    We help you define your project and set measurable, achievable goals.

  • Research

    We determine how best to reach your audiences–who they are, what media to use, and what action we must inspire them to take.

  • Content

    We develop targeted messages and persuasive, engaging content.

  • Measurement

    We help you select distribution channels, define metrics, and plan analytics.

Media Production

With a comprehensive strategy in place, our content developers and digital media experts work together to create media that gets results.

Broadcast, Film & Video Production

Let us help you tell your story with the immediacy and emotional impact of video.Let's talk video! »

E-Learning / Web-Based Training

We write, design, and produce effective training for adult learners.Let’s talk elearning! »

Web Design & Development

From brochure sites to extensive content management driven sites, we can help you deliver your messages online.Let's talk web! »

Multimedia Design & Development

We can combine all manner of media into a coordinated campaign to maximize your reach.Let's talk multimedia! »