Mind & Media specializes in developing custom e-learning for corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. Whether developing:

  • Hundreds of software simulation modules to train thousands of Census workers,
  • Interactive self-guided cybersecurity training, or
  • Daily gamification experiences for Comcast employees…

We understand the importance of tailoring content to the audience, the subject matter, and the media.


Just-In-Time Training
Scenario-Based Training
Video / Animated Training
Mobile Training
Blended Learning

Impactful Solutions

From interactive cybersecurity training for corporations such as J.P. Morgan and Citi (taken by more than 1 million people), to onboarding Census Bureau employees (including 40,000+ temporary workers for the 2020 census), we have a track record of delivering high quality products. That’s because we don’t use any prepackaged solutions—we listen to what you need, then tailor the best approach accordingly.

Temporary employees
Employees trained on cybersecurity

Groundbreaking Gamification

For Comcast, we created an engaging game where each day, players face a new one-minute challenge with badges, leaderboard rankings, and in-game currency that can be redeemed for game enhancements. With play incentivized by friendly rivalry and in-game rewards, CyberSplash has been a great success and was named the 2019 ISE® (Information Security Executive) North America Project of the Year. The simple fun of the game is what makes it so effective—employees keep cybersecurity concepts and best practices top of mind, while gamification keeps them coming back for more.

Employees reached

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