Attracting and Educating Potential Donors

Client: Brain Tissue Repository

Mind & Media rebranded the Brain Tissue Repository (BTR) to create a new look and feel that supports their mission, attracts donors and their families, and highlights their position as a source of information and education.

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2022 Communicator Award of Distinction

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2022 Apex Grand Award

2022 Communicator Award of Distinction


The Brain Tissue Repository strives to better understand the effects of traumatic brain injury and promote overall brain health of warfighters.

Given the sensitive nature of the BTR’s work and donations, Mind & Media created a brand identity that was warm, caring, and professional, using powerful stories and testimonials, simple and clear language. We focused on positive results and endeavors by the BTR. Our team designed the brand to appeal to a diverse group of audiences, from service members and their families to scientists, the research community, the media, and the public.

Mind & Media focused on developing four areas of communication to communicate BTR’s mission and support both the service members who need their services and other audiences who need education on, or reminders of, BTR’s work.

Logo, Tagline, and Brand Guide:
We created a memorable and distinctive logo that aligns with DoD and can be used on marketing materials and promotional items. We also developed a tagline that is memorable and conveys the BTR’s mission. To educate stakeholders on specific brand guidelines, we developed a brand guide that includes items like color palette and typography.

We produced a website that conveys information clearly and compassionately and provides information to both service members and their families and the scientific community, media, and public.

We aligned existing website videos with the new brand and developed introductory language to summarize the content and messages.

Updated Collateral:
We incorporated the rebranding in updated outreach materials, including donor cards, informational cards, tri-fold brochures, a tablecloth for exhibits, and standup banners.

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