Enhancing Nutrition Education for the USDA

Client: Food and Nutrition Service – U.S. Department of Agriculture

Mind & Media has produced over 100 short, engaging videos supporting the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) in their mission to increase food security and reduce hunger through access to food, a healthy diet, and nutrition education.

Since their release in early 2023, Mind & Media’s videos for FNS have won six awards, including an Award of Excellence in the Health & Wellness category at the 2023 Communicator Awards.

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100+ Videos Created

2023 Communicator Award of Excellence

Two Gold Viddy Awards

This USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides aid to childcare institutions and family/group day care homes for the provisions of nutritious foods. Through CACFP more than four million children receive nutritious snacks and meals each day!

To enhance these efforts, Mind & Media developed short, engaging videos to show CACFP operators how to create 15 USDA standardized recipes in a compelling way while coaching them on food safety, preparation techniques, and portion sizes. This approachable and educational series conveys how easy it is to make nutritious meals that look and taste great!

To best educate and engage their diverse target audience of CACFP operators, Mind & Media produced 120 videos in multiple languages including:

  • 60 English & 60 Spanish videos showcasing:
    • Appropriate portion sizing for age groups 3–5 and 6–18
    • Accessible 508-compliant audio descriptions for operators with disabilities

By using short, easy to read text, a colorful palette and upbeat music, a diverse selection of chefs, and relatable cooking equipment, the videos feel approachable and attainable making users eager to try them.

“Our team loves how these videos look and feel – they are bright, engaging, and visually appealing. They accurately convey the ingredients, recipe steps, serving sizes, and crediting information, making it easy for our audience to use them.”

Xaviera Davis
Program Analyst

To promote the videos and their mission on online, we developed a variety of social media graphics for USDA FNS to share to their website and social media platforms. Using beauty shots and short video clips from the videos, the social media graphics put a spotlight on these new, educational materials! Social media graphics included:

  • 20 non-animated graphics
  • 18 animated GIFS

The Food and Nutrition Service created the “Discover MyPlate: Nutrition Education for Kindergarten” program to foster the development of healthy food choices and physically active lifestyles in kindergarten-aged children. Mind & Media developed educational and entertaining videos and supporting materials to supplement the Discover MyPlate program!

“Mind & Media was amazing to work with, and the process felt very collaborative. I appreciated the open communication throughout the entire process. My team and I are extremely proud of how these videos turned out, and we would gladly work with Mind & Media again in the future!”

Katey Halasz
Nutritionist, USDA

Mind & Media Produced:

The music video for the song “Reach for the Sky” for students and teachers to play during class! This music video is a fun way to get kids moving while learning about the food groups and healthy nutrition messages.

The “Look and Cook” Recipes video in English and Spanish featuring children preparing the five “Look and Cook” recipes, showcasing how healthy eating can be fun, engaging, and easy!

The Discover MyPlate training video introducing kindergarten teachers to the “Discover MyPlate: Nutrition Education for Kindergarten” resources, giving them an overview of the materials and explaining how to best use the tools to educate and entertain their students.

15 high-resolution still photographs from the videos for FNS to use to promote the “Discover MyPlate: Nutrition Education for Kindergarten” program. These photographs have been used on their website, social media platforms, printed materials and presentation slides for conferences.

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