Providing Education for Clinicians

National Center for PTSD

Since 2008, Mind & Media has developed training and awareness tools that increase understanding of PTSD, reduce stigma, and lead to improved health care treatment for our nation’s Wounded Warriors and Veterans.

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26 web-based courses for clinicians

3 online presentations for the public

Veterans Affairs’ National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (NCPTSD) helps Wounded Warriors and other trauma survivors through PTSD research, education, and training. Mind & Media helps NCPTSD educate both its public and clinician audiences about developments and best practices in diagnosis and treatment.

Services Provided:

  • Communication Planning
  • Content Development
  • Web-Based Training
  • Video Production

Content Areas:

  • Military/Veterans
  • PTSD Treatment
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Therapist Training

For the public, Mind & Media developed three online presentations: “Returning from the War Zone: A Guide for Families,” “Understanding PTSD,” and “Understanding PTSD Treatment.” The courses include moving video interviews with survivors and mental healthcare providers to help viewers understand they are not alone, reduce fear of the unknown, and correct common misconceptions about treatment.

We also produced a 15-minute video on Cognitive Processing Therapy to help patients considering various evidence-based therapies. The video replaced a 10-year old video to incorporate the latest research and a more diverse array of patients. We also shot in high definition and edit with today’s quicker pacing and style. We wrote the script in a way that allowed us to provide the final video as both a full-length version and in four parts suitable for social media sharing. NCPTSD uses the video in medical center kiosks and patient introductory sessions, and uses the shorter pieces in their social media outreach.

For healthcare professionals, we revamped the “PTSD 101” curriculum. This series of web-based courses gives clinicians continuing education on best practices in PTSD treatment. The original courses were slow to download and lacked visual interest and a unified look. Mind & Media developed them in a modern, fast player with an attractive branded look. We revised existing courses and added new ones (more than 30 to date), with beautiful new graphics and fresh recordings of the subject matter experts delivering the content.

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