Clinician Training for PTSD Therapies

October 2015—Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) contracted Mind & Media to produce 73 videos demonstrating therapy protocols for the five evidence-based therapies used in the treatment of PTSD and deployment-related psychological health problems. These videos will augment professional live and online workshops delivered by CDP faculty and meet the needs of EBP workshop participants.

Mind & Media cast standardized patient actors to play the patients, and CDP clinicians played the therapists. The videos portray patients speaking with therapists over several sessions each, so production involved building multiple sets for therapist offices, coordinating multiple wardrobe changes, and rehearsing with military subject matter experts on hand to ensure correct terminology. Principal photography is complete and we are now in post-production.

This project builds on our strong past performance in training, awareness, and recruiting in the areas of PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), psychological resiliency, and mental health, particularly among military members but also for the general public. Current and past clients in these areas include National Center for PTSD, Kansas National Guard Resiliency Center, US Air Force, Army National Guard, and Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine.