CISA wanted a highly stylized video for their first ever PSA, which we delivered. The messaging and calls to action align with other collateral, and we bring the branding of the Secure Our World program into the final call to action. We created the PSA in both English and Spanish, in 60-, 30-, and 15-second versions.

Working with our partners, Mind & Media distributed the PSA via a donated broadcast TV campaign which laid the groundwork for paid television placements. We distributed the PSA to 2,100 television station, cable, and network outlets in all 210 television markets nationwide. Donated campaign results are extremely strong. In our first six weeks, the PSA was aired more than 8,000 times (120 stations, 4 networks). Paid TV results are projected at over 20 million impressions.


We developed English and Spanish audio ads to air on radio and podcasts as well as in stores.

  • Radio ads addressed the public audience and included 60-, 30-, and 15- second versions.
  • Podcast ads addressed small and medium-sized business owners and included 30- and 15-second versions.
  • In-store ads were 15 seconds long, with a version created addressing each of four behaviors and one general program awareness ad.

Radio ads were distributed to 8,500+ opt-in stations and networks for possible donated placements and 1,000 NPR affiliates for paid placements. Impressions are projected at over 12,000,000. Podcast ads have projected impressions of 4+ million. In-store ads were distributed to drug and grocery stores across all 50 states, with impressions projected at 25,000,000.


Digital signage is used to reach commuters along busy business travel corridors nationwide. They were designed to reach adults ages 25-54 and small and medium-sized business owners. Billboards have been deployed at 384 locations nationwide during key business travel times. Impressions are projected at 15 million.

Airport Ads
Our airport ads are displayed in baggage claims, gate corridors, and charging stations located in six major airports nationwide. We designed them to reflect the location while connecting it to the cybersecurity message, targeted at small and medium-sized business owners. Our goal was to support the Secure Our World launch with a call to action sending audiences to the website to learn more about the program. Impressions are projected at over five million.


Our banner ads are targeted at small and medium-sized business owners nationwide. Since these ads are digital, we can rotate the general program awareness ads with additional behavior-focused ads after the initial program launch. Impressions are projected at over six million.


Social media ads have a targeted demographic distribution of small and medium-sized business owners nationwide. The core market for Facebook consists of adults 25-54, which includes small and medium-sized business owners. Impressions are projected at six million.