Training Personnel on Category Management

Client: Department of the Navy, Category Management Program Office (DON CMPO)

Mind & Media consultants helped DON CMPO better understand their own processes and training needs and then created 12 videos for DON CMPO to educate their workforce on Category Management and reduce misaligned spending.

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DON CMPO engaged Mind & Media to develop a series of animated videos that would encourage staff to adopt category management principles. Mind & Media worked closely with DON CMPO SMES to flesh out the topics for the video series, scripted the videos, and produced them.

Videos included:

  • onscreen text and graphics
  • animation
  • voiceover narration
  • music

The videos addressed topics like:

  • Category Management Principles
  • Using Existing Vehicles
  • Reducing Unaligned Spend

Our Team…

Simplified complex topics to make them easy to understand.

Developed unique graphics and animations to represent abstract ideas.

Wrote each video to include a hook and compelling call to action.

Let us help create engaging, educational videos for your workforce!