Repairing Communications to Save a Rain Forest

Client: Treaty Implementation Plan Agency

Mind & Media’s coordinated bilingual campaign repaired a government/public communication breakdown and helped preserve the Panama Canal watershed and protect endangered plants and animals.

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Winner of three communication awards!

Panama Canal Treaty Implementation Plan Agency consulted Mind & Media on a serious challenge: a communication breakdown between Panama’s government and people about the US Army’s environmental and public safety efforts on former ranges being returned to Panama.

Services Provided:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Print Design
  • Video Production

Content Areas:

  • Environmental Preservation
  • Endangered Species
  • Military Base Transfer
  • UXO
This project is an excellent example of Mind & Media’s ability to analyze a communication challenge, develop a strategy to meet the challenge, and implement a campaign to get the job done.

Our communication analysts identified the source of the breakdown: a cultural gap in the materials used to communicate with the public. Mind & Media developed a coordinated, comprehensive public awareness campaign to:

  • Identify audiences and assess their communication needs and abilities
  • Create clear, audience-appropriate messages
  • Disseminate messages in a way that audiences could understand and act on

To carry out the campaign, Mind & Media created:

  • Branding language and visuals
  • Easy-to-understand iconic signs and publications
  • Print materials in English and Spanish
  • Public service messages for Panamanian radio and television (in Spanish)
  • Videos for widespread distribution (in Spanish and English)

The public awareness campaign Mind & Media created closed the gap between the Panamanian government and its people through clear messages and a media strategy designed to reach multiple diverse audiences.

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