Optimizing Health Communications to Veterans

Client: National Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Mind & Media developed a roadmap for more effective marketing of the Healthy Living Campaign to help prevent or improve chronic illnesses in our Veterans.

Services Provided:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Communication Planning

Content Areas:

  • Veterans Healthcare
  • Health & Wellness
  • Preventive Healthcare
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National Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (NCP)—part of Veterans Health Administration—develops health and wellness programs for Veterans. Their Healthy Living Campaign addressed health behaviors that can prevent or improve the chronic illnesses that burden many of our Veterans, but it was a patchwork of tools and messages without a unified brand. NCP wanted recommendations for the most effective branding, tools, and channels to reach their target audiences and inspire behavioral change.

Mind & Media’s research included:

  • Holding leadership discussions to understand NCP goals relative to their parent organization, specific Healthy Living Campaign goals, and level of satisfaction with current efforts
  • Conducting an audience analysis, including interviewing leaders, clinicians, and Veterans
  • Reviewing existing tools to see whether they are effectively targeting their audiences
  • Undertaking brief literature and best practices reviews to ensure that NCP is up on the latest in healthcare communications

Mind & Media synthesized this research into a plan that includes vision and goals; recommendations for branding, messaging, and communication channels; and a three-year schedule. NCP is using our plan to refine and market the Healthy Living Campaign to better serve Veterans.