Gamifying Learning for Comcast Employees


Mind & Media developed the CyberSplash game to provide digital security training to Comcast’s employees and contractors.

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100,000+ employees reached

Successfully training Comcast employees for 5+ years

5 Awards, including Information Security Executive of the Year North America Award

Mind & Media produced and designed all elements of the CyberSplash game, focusing on making it fun and interactive for players.

Our team created the game with these elements in mind:

  • Easy to use: All skill levels can play the game, and it is accessible on internal desktops and mobile devices
  • Fun interface and gameplay: Designed an interface with appealing graphics and fun trivia-style questions so players want to play each day

Rewards & recognition: Play and skill are rewarded through scores, badges, and rankings, eventually allowing players to redeem Splash Cash for in-game prizes

Competition: Team and individual scoreboards encourage friendly competition

Players answer a daily cyber security question to earn digital “Splash Cash” and points for the scoreboard, increasing engagement and discussion amongst internal teams.

Winner: Award of Distinction, Games & Apps, Communicator Awards

Our design process included:

  • Developing a comprehensive blueprint with tech requirements
  • Designing the game interface
  • Building a prototype
  • Conducting thorough testing and debugging of the game

Mind & Media was also responsible for developing the marketing strategy and all communication collateral to prepare for a successful CyberSplash launch.

CyberSplash exceeded participation goals and earned praise from the Comcast team.