Two People’s Tellys for Mind & Media!

Two Mind & Media videos won Bronze People’s Telly Awards!

The PSA we produced for Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) promotes their Teal Pumpkin Project for Halloween. People can set a teal pumpkin in front of their house to let trick-or-treaters know they offer non-food treats like stickers, glow sticks, or small toys. This allows children with food allergies to participate safely.  See our cute animation here:

For Veterans Affairs’ National Center for PTSD, we updated their 10-year old video explaining Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). The new video is shot with today’s quicker pacing, features a more diverse array of patients, and covers updates in the therapy since the first video was produced. See it here:

People’s Tellys are rated by the public. Thank you to all who rated our videos highly to help us win!

National Center for PTSD's new CPT video includes a more diverse array of patients as well as updated information.