Training DVD on Psychological Resiliency Completed

September 2011—Mind & Media wrapped up post-production on our Resiliency training film for the Kansas National Guard’s Resiliency Center. This 53-minute film entwines a documentary narrative that teaches psychological resiliency concepts in a linear way, with a fictional storyline that illustrates the same concepts holistically. Interviews with subject matter experts, National Guard members, and family members are tied together with narration by an onscreen host, with the fictional vignettes interspersed. It’s a great example of how we use high-impact video to engage and educate end users. Watch the first ten minutes of the training DVD here.

We’ve also completed two trailers for the film; one to market the DVD to Soldiers and Airmen, and the other targeted to leaders to urge them to encourage their subordinates to watch the film. Watch the trailer aimed at leadership here.