On the Road with DREAM

November 2014—Over the last few months, Producer/Director Aldo Bello has been on the road with his latest feature-length documentary film, DREAM: An American Story. Screenings have been held in New York, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington. More importantly, the screenings have been followed by expert panel discussions of the issues raised by the film, including an audience Q&A session with the panel and the filmmaker. The screenings and panel discussions have been organized with the cooperation of national immigration advocacy organizations, grassroots and community activists, local immigration attorneys, high schools, and higher education institutions.

The screening tour has been a great success and although paused for the holidays, the tour will resume in March of 2015. Aldo will be holding screenings of his film in various Washington, DC venues, as well as in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, and Texas. Check out the schedule of upcoming screenings at dreamthedocumentary.com.