Gold, Silver, for Creative E-learning and Video Projects

Mind & Media is the proud winner of two more Horizon Interactive Awards:

Each year, we update our online training for Cyveillance to cover basic cyber security concepts and update examples with the latest headlines and emerging. More than 1 million people have taken this training at top companies like Fannie Mae, Citi, JP Morgan, and Chase. Last year, we upgraded the training to allow the user more control over what to view when, promoting greater engagement and better retention.

For ASHP, we developed a two-minute animation illustrating the problem of drug shortages in the US and what ASHP and other advocacy groups are doing to influence legislation and educate consumers. Given the short timeframe, we’re very proud of the results. First, our writer heavily edited a script that ASHP provided, to improve conciseness, flow, and readability for voiceover. Then, our motion graphics designer used character packs to build an animation to illustrate the script concepts to hold viewer attention and emphasize the key points. The result is a cost-effective, easily disseminated advocacy message that ASHP was able to roll out for their conference and continues to use on their website.