5 Ways to Evolve Your Elearning in 2020

As elearning technology advances, many of us are struggling to understand this new landscape. Let’s look why elearning is changing and how you can keep up.

Offer Microlearning

Attention spans are shorter than ever and workers are overscheduled so it’s vital that your content be clear, succinct, and easily digestible. Consider smartly organizing your elearning into short, focused chunks (microlearning or info snacking) that your audience can take bit-by-bit as they have time.

Consider Mobile-Optimization

Nearly half the people accessing the Internet are doing so on a mobile phone. So consider if mobile-optimization is right for your audience. If it is, find a partner who will make the mobile experience as good (or better) than a desktop or laptop. Consider leveraging video and always keep text succinct and clear.

Use Multisensory Media/ Interactivity/ Games

We’re all being bombarded with more information than ever before. To cut through the clutter, consider making your elearning media-rich, interactive and multisensory. Interactive scenarios allow learners to apply concepts immediately in realistic environments while game elements such as rewards, badges, and competitions can motivate learners to retain information.

Develop Engaging, Easy to Access Learning

An increasing number of employees work remotely. Remember to make your elearning easy to access and engaging enough to overcome out-of-office distractions. Video hosts can replace the classroom teacher to add a human element while visually appealing clips and animations help capture and retain interest.

Create Just-In-Time Simulations

Increasingly, we’re asked to use cloud-based systems and databases to complete day-to-day work. However, these systems may not be intuitive to use. To meet these needs, consider offering “Just-In-Time” simulations where users can learn how to perform very specific actions as needed.

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