3 Easy Ways to Level Up Your Online Training

elearning is maturing rapidly into the most efficient and engaging way to learn. No matter your budget, you can “level up” your training—and benefit from increased efficiency, profitability, and employee loyalty.

Here are three areas to improve your elearning cost effectively.


  • Break content into short, digestible chunks with clear titles.
  • Pare away all unnecessary content and background information.
  • Provide an interactive menu and allow the user freedom to cover content.
  • Aim for elearning to be 40-60% shorter than equivalent classroom training.


  • Recast with a conversational tone, using “you” language to make content relatable.
  • Use brief, relevant stories to provide context or give real world examples.
  • Increase interactivity beyond multiple choice questions.
  • Consider adding game elements such as points and badges.


  • Appeal to as many senses as possible. Dial up the color palette to make the content sizzle and hold learner attention. If your content is text only, add images. If you have those, add audio, video, scenarios, etc.
  • Keep video simple to start, such as interview clips with subject matter experts providing context, relating stories, introducing content, etc.

Thinking Bigger?

Enhance accessibility: Switch to a mobile-friendly elearning platform so employees can take training anytime, anywhere, on their preferred device.

Personalize: Provide assessments to let learners test out of content they know and focus on what they still need to learn.

Immerse: Simulations, branching scenarios, and augmented/virtual reality can engage all the senses and allow learners to apply concepts immediately in realistic environments.

What Next?

However you decide to level up, just do it! Training employees is cheaper than hiring new ones, and elearning is the way to go. Most students think it’s the same or better than classroom training, and they retain 25-60% more. Want more advice? Contact us! We’re happy to help.

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