Animated Video for Disaster Responders

Client:Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Partnership and Engagement (OPE)

Using our signature Communication Architecture, Mind & Media produced an engaging animated video to spark action amongst FEMA disaster responders.

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2021 Platinum Viddy Award, Long-Form Government category

2021 Silver Telly Award, Remote Production category

2021 Silver Horizon Interactive Award, Video-Instructional category

Mind & Media needed to create a video that would both educate and inspire FEMA employees.

DHS OPE determined that FEMA disaster responders have a critical opportunity to recognize, report, and stop human trafficking.

Mind & Media created a six minute educational video that combines animation, graphics, music, and voiceover to instruct FEMA responders on how to spot and report human trafficking.

“The video is great work! It heightens awareness.”

—FEMA client

Our Team…

Worked with the client team to understand their needs and planned a strategy to achieve their goals.

Crafted a detailed storyboard to convey key messages.

Designed all production elements and produced an award-winning animated video with a  cohesive narrative.

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