Web-Based Trainings Win Horizon Interactive Awards

Mind & Media recently won Horizon Interactive Awards for two different web-based training products.

  1. Silver Horizon for “What Does Cyber Security Mean to Me?” We have been developing cyber security training for Cyveillance for several years, updating the training annually to address the latest threats, and customizing courses for Cyveillance clients. Our courses have been viewed over a million times! This award-winner was an annual update for Citi, in which we provided both generally applicable training for all high-risk groups, plus content specifically applicable to particular jobs.
  2. Bronze Horizon for “Syphilis Case Studies.” This scenario-based training course developed for Association of Public Health Laboratories puts learners in an appropriate context to practice skills in real life situations. Questions are situation-specific and presented as a learner will likely encounter them on the job. See a sample here: https://vimeo.com/193725742