Reframing a Nonprofit’s Message to Reach Critical Audiences

Drone imagery of the beautiful RappahannockMind & Media recently completed work for our first StoryAid Grant recipient, Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR— FOR asked us for help communicating effectively with Virginia communities where FOR had no members or community connections. FOR wanted to make the case to county voters and board of supervisors to enact zoning ordinances to prohibit or limit fracking in the Rappahannock watershed. Mind & Media researched county demographics, lessons learned in similar communities in Pennsylvania, and best methods. We produced a communication strategy and then revamped FOR’s basic PowerPoint presentation, creating a custom version. A FOR representative gave the draft presentation to a friendly audience so Mind & Media consultants could watch and refine. The final presentation will help FOR engage with the community in a way they could not have using their typical approach.

“Mind & Media opened our eyes to how best to reach our audience by focusing on shared values. The presentation beautifully targets our message to a critical audience at a critical time. We are confident that we’ll be able to influence the debate in a way that protects our beautiful Rappahannock River and builds support for our message in the county.”
—Daria Christian, FOR Education Director

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