Client Testimonials

Over the past five years, Mind & Media developed more than 100 elearning modules for Census to train listers, enumerators, and supervisors in advance of the 2020 census. Mind & Media provided instructional design support and produced software simulations, animations, and supporting training videos. Mind & Media produced high quality products that exceeded Census’ expectations. They adhered to the schedule set by Census Bureau but were also agile when competing mission critical priorities forced schedule deviations. Of special mention, Mind & Media was very prompt in responding to time-sensitive requests and never failed to deliver. Developing complex online training for mission-critical decennial operations was no small task. But Mind & Media delivered products that were of high quality, highly engaging, and effective for decennial field staff. I was extremely satisfied with Mind & Media's work ethics and high standards of professionalism. Mind & Media has a strong team and it was a great pleasure with them.
U.S. Census BureauBranch Chief
I am super proud of this. When I watch it, I hear one message after another that speaks to our mission. Thank you so much for all your effort!—,
Physician Assistant Education AssociationProject: PAEA Outreach VideoOlivia Ziegler
I am super proud of this. When I watch it, I hear one message after another that speaks to our mission. Thank you so much for all your effort!—,
Physician Assistant Education AssociationProject: PAEA Outreach VideoOlivia Ziegler
We were able to show the Cognitive Processing Therapy video to our trainers in a refresher train-the-trainer online workshop on Friday and it was really well received! There were many glowing comments about how much they liked it (one of my favorite comments was how we captured a range of emotions!)
Veteran Affairs ClientProject: CPT Video
I have been training at a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu dojo for the past few years. Usually, most people are too busy to engage in conversation, as most folks arrive with just enough time to spar and then they have to quickly get back home. After one particularly intense sparring round with another of the dojo students (in which he beat ``the #**!`` out of me), he turned to me and remarked that he had ``really enjoyed the video.`` I said, ``What video?`` ``The one on Cyber Safety…the one in which you’re the host,`` he replied. I smiled as he said, ``I’ve had to sit through a lot of elearning in my career but that had to be the best elearning experience I’ve ever had…ALL elearning should be that good!``
Cyveillance Project: Cyber Safety 101 Web-Based TrainingEric Olson
I wanted to thank Chris and Jason and the rest of your team for a great experience yesterday in recording the audio for the APHL `{`Association of Public Health Laboratories`}` TB courses. I was very nervous about taking on such a task, but you and your staff were all very patient, encouraging and professional making it a wonderful experience to add to my professional life. I look forward to seeing the finished product after your team works their magic.
IowaProject: APHL Online CoursesMary DeMartino, Interim Disease Control Division Director, State Hygienic Laboratory, Coralville,
I have had positive experiences in the various projects between Mind & Media and the ARNG Well-Being office. I look forward to working with you in the future.
National Guard Bureau Project: Sexual Assault Prevention & Response ProgramLTC Tom Languirand,
Mind & Media got excellent CPARS reviews from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for several years in a row for our desktop publishing work on the Medicare & You handbooks. Reviewers used phrases like:
“…consistently met all contract requirements, routinely submitting deliverables ahead of schedule…”
“…maintained consistent, regular, proactive communication…”
“…consistently provided high quality customer service…”
`{`The two key personnel have been`}` outstanding, responsive, and highly qualified…”
“Mind & Media has been an outstanding contractor and CMS has been extremely happy with their performance…”
“Mind & Media required almost no technical direction or oversight to meet contract requirements and consistently provided high-quality deliverables with virtually no errors.”
“The contractor did an excellent job of managing costs under the contract. The contractor continues to improve on internal processes, increasing efficiency and thus reducing costs during the contract period.”
Project: CMS Medicare & You Handbooks
Thanks again for an amazing job on my workshop presentation and handouts. Mind & Media has exceeded my expectations on the first round. Never before have I ever worked with any marketing/media company (and I have worked with lots, small and large, including Ogilvy and some of the big NY firms) that nailed it on the first draft. You should be extremely proud of the incredibly talented and insightful team you have. I cannot thank you enough, as I know this will elevate the quality and results of my workshop and increase business to the level I have been striving for.
Project: PI Workshop Multimedia PresentationMike Matalone, Principal, PI Midlantic Group Chairman, and Speaker, TEC International
I appreciate all of the outstanding support that Mind & Media continues to provide. I like working with people who really care about providing outstanding service and doing it the right way!
Project: Your Guardians of FreedomJohn D. Hill, Contract Specialist, United States Air Force
What I like best about working with Mind & Media is the people. Each person I interacted with was oriented toward the same mission—my mission. Each represented the company well. Mind & Media’s customer service is outstanding. My questions were answered promptly and professionally. I was impressed with the extranet they set up, which allowed me to log on anytime to see project status and follow ongoing discussion of production issues.

Midway through our very large project, a change of orders necessitated shifting what our end result would be. Mind & Media’s flexibility was much appreciated—the Project Manager, writers, and video team adapted quickly to our redefined needs. Despite these changes, our final budget did not change. Mind & Media identified ways to adapt while staying within budget. They were conscientious about spending the government’s money wisely. Mind & Media also educated us about industry best practices to ensure we got the best product possible. We knew we wanted video-based training, but I was not familiar with the intriguing “choose your own adventure” style that Mind & Media developed for us. What sold our agency on that format were the impressive statistics they showed us comparing comprehension and retention rates for interactive training vs. traditional passive training. Since the project launched, many users have commented on how much they learned from it compared to past training experiences. From start to finish, my experience with Mind & Media was excellent.

Project: Video-based training for a law enforcement organizationSpecial Agent, DoD, Director for Administration & Management
From the beginning of our project, Mind & Media provided us with excellent product plans that helped set a level of discipline and comfort on our side—we had not seen product plans like this from other contractors we had worked with. Mind & Media also started from well-developed templates for all work done and this should be an industry standard if it isn’t already.

Mind & Media doesn’t have a boilerplate mentality. While other contractors would do the bare minimum to get through the project, Mind & Media went above and beyond. Customer service is very responsive and excellent. I especially liked that I got responses to emails and phone calls within two hours of sending them.

Mind & Media’s willingness to look for new creative solutions within a limited budget is what really sets them apart. We got what we wanted despite budget constraints. They used some internal talent for voice-over to save money and provided original artwork on a budget as well.

What I liked best of all about working with Mind & Media was the responsiveness and the creativity of those working on the project. Everyone on the project listened and heard us out and came up with very creative solutions.All in all, Mind & Media has spoiled us. Mind & Media “gets it.”

Project: StayExempt.orgInternal Revenue Agent, Internal Revenue Service
I wanted to let your team know how quickly their work is going to be making an impact on both getting people jobs in Massachusetts and allowing agencies to have more qualified staff to provide services to their clients.

I received a call just this morning about a group of refugees from Africa who are struggling with the `{`training material`}` in the old format. When I said that you all were finalizing the `{`material`}` in the new format with audio, they were thrilled!! They said that since English is not their first language, the audio is very key to their comprehension. I also have an agency that desperately needs more staff. So hopefully by June 30, over 100 people will be credentialed and placed in jobs.Just wanted to share that perspective…these modules are going to quickly make an impact on many lives—thanks to your team.

Project: Massachusetts Providers’ Council Web-Based TrainingBobbie Dressel, Project Manager, Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc.
You put together a powerful film; the message of what it takes to live with wildlife came through brilliantly. The conservation education value of `{`SOS: Stories of Survival`}` is tremendous.
International Wildlife Film FestivalIndependent judge
Mind & Media received an overall performance rating of 92.

We were rated on the following categories:
Overall Performance
CostOrder Accuracy
Business Relations
Customer Support

We received perfect scores from our clients in Quality, Personnel, and Customer Support!

D&B Scores


Mind & Media’s performance was absolutely outstanding in every aspect. They were proactive and constantly provided new ideas and methods to get the job done. The team was totally professional in every aspect of their performance: always produced quality projects on time and under budget, and never missed a deadline. They are true team players, great to work with–very creative, responsive, and totally committed to successful mission accomplishment. It was a pleasure to work with this outstanding team and without reservation I would strongly recommend Mind & Media for any government work.
Project: Transition Assistance Program Promotional Campaign for Department of LaborRenard Marable, President & CEO, Premier Consultants International, Inc.
I am writing to extend my sincere appreciation for the work your team performed for us at our workshop in January. Their efforts went above and beyond anything we could have expected, and we are grateful for all of their assistance. Our workshop was held on January 17-28th, 2011 at the Kaiser Family Foundation. As you may recall, we were hit by adverse weather on the 26th, grounding flights, making roads impassable, closing school and generally wreaking havoc across the Metro area…

For the entire day and the next, Jason, Josef, Paul and the rest of the team stayed on top of everything, anticipating needs, preventing problems and troubleshooting independently… Most importantly, despite early (and long) days, extended commutes, demanding workshop participants and constant changes and surprises, everyone kept a wonderful attitude. The entire time, everyone was pleasant, responsive, helpful, and good-humored.I’ve since had a chance to watch the webcast and the production value is excellent. We are really looking forward to seeing the edited clips and thank you again for the hard work of your team. It was a real joy working with them, and we hope to do so again in the future.

Institute of Medicine Excerpted from a letter we receivedDeepali M. Patel, Director, Forum on Global Violence Prevention
My thanks to you and your team for what I would characterize as outstanding service and support. Steve and I are very pleased with your efforts and have found your output to be exceptional. I wish all the partners we work with were more like your organization. I hope we can continue to work together long after this project is complete.
Fugro EarthData Inc.Louis Dean, Director, GeoSAR Technologies, Technologies Division
Everyone here was so excited to hear about the filming experience earlier this week! You all did such a fabulous job not only of capturing what we want but also of putting everyone at ease and relating so beautifully with the children and staff everywhere we went. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing. We can’t wait to see the results!!!
Project: WV DHHR, Infant & Toddler Professional Development ProgramCaroline Davis, Caliber, an ICF Consulting Company
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with the team I’m working with! The prototype they produced in a day is right on! Thanks again for all your help (and patience) in getting us to this point of actually working!
Project: Massachusetts Providers’ Council Web-Based TrainingBobbie Dressel, Project Manager, Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc.
I thought both courses were very well done. I think this will be easy to get through and informative.
Project: Military Equipment Valuation InitiativeRichard K. Sylvester, Deputy Director, ARA, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Property & Equipment Policy Office
Revising the Free and Reduced Price application was very difficult due to the constraints regarding the content of the document. We are very pleased with Mind & Media’s flexibility and timeliness.
Project: Redesign of Free and Reduced Price ApplicationKaren Smith, Child Nutrition Division, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service
We just wanted to let you know that you did an amazing job and that your macros appear to have been flawless. Thanks for your hard work. We know how complicated and tedious it was.—Deborah L. Decker, Program Analyst
Project: TSA Employee Satisfaction SurveyKaren Smith, Child Nutrition Division, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service
I am so excited!!! We love our Mind & Media guys!!! Thanks, everyone, for all your hard work and flexibility!
Project: WV DHHR, Infant & Toddler Professional Development ProgramHelen Stine, Caliber, an ICF Consulting Company
The new DVDs will be a great asset to officer recruiters. Great products like this keep us on the driving edge of updated knowledge, benefits, and features of the ARNG.
Project: Answer the Call Officer Recruiting ProgramSFC Walt F. Cullum, Officer Procurement NCO, Army National Guard
I must admit feeling a tear almost welling up when I see the female hand pinning the 2LT bar on the epaulet. Add more of that and we’ll have to ask for an Oscar nomination. I’m very proud of your and your team’s work. The Mind & Media staff takes great care to finish their innovative products—and to maintain relationships with those who’ve played a role in their work. They’re great team players.
Project: Answer the Call Officer Recruiting ProgramMAJ Keith Domerese, Chief, Officer Accessions, National Guard Bureau
Mind & Media has, since day one, acted in a manner that makes me feel “we are in this together.” They think out of the box at all times and consider their vocation art, not work. I have come to see them in this light as well. One instance where the government’s money was well-spent was our interaction with Mind & Media.
Project: Soldier Empowerment And Readiness CurriculumSFC Steve Duncan, National Guard Bureau
We recognize it was a good team effort and the folks behind the scene made it possible.
Project: The Way of the Warrior DVDLTC Gregg A. Bliss, National Guard Bureau, Retention Branch Chief
Just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding training you delivered last week. I went to the LEAD training with high expectations. The training I participated in definitely met my expectations. The presenters were dynamic and well-prepared. The event was well-planned and organized. We, the students, were challenged to learn and participate…and given the tools to put LEAD to work on the ground across the ARNG. Good job, and thanks!
Project: LEAD ProgramMSG Steve Olson, North Dakota National Guard
The YOU CAN School Program sounds like it is just the ticket our local Title VII Indian Education Program for Weatherford Public Schools has been looking for. Rest assured, I will contact my local Army National Guard unit to learn more about getting the materials for our Indian Education Program. Please send our thanks and heartfelt congratulations to the program’s creators, actors, etc., and the Army National Guard for making this all possible.
Project: YOU CAN School ProgramRebecca Kernop, District Coordinator, Title VII Indian Education Program, Weatherford Public Schools, Weatherford, Oklahoma
I reviewed all of the CDs and I am so impressed and so very proud to be a part of the training. I have the biggest smile on my face right now. What an outstanding instructional program!
Project: YOU CAN School ProgramSGT Lisa Pask, Florida Army National Guard
The new `{`YOU CAN School Program`}` PowerPoint presentation certainly is a high-tech example of the wave of the future. It kept the students interested, was informative, and gave them some very practical step-by-step instructions for planning goals and careers.
Project: YOU CAN School ProgramCarolyn Arndt, Marketing Coordinator, Countryside High School
`{`The RAISE Central site`}` looked and felt great. It’s engaging, not too overloaded with unnecessary information, and simple to understand. You’ve got the “seal of approval” from SMTC.
Project: RAISE Central Web-Based Refresher Training for RecruitersCW2 Duane Jahner, Chief, Army National Guard, SMTC
I’ve really enjoyed watching the production video, and the whole project has set a new standard for transparency and outreach in the Bank. Thanks for everything, and let’s do this again real soon!
Project: Environmental Business Finance ProgramDavid Wheeler, World Bank
I would like to commend your staff for their exemplary support. The team’s attention to detail and responsiveness to our constrained schedule were pivotal to generating the video within 30 days.
Project: Letterkenny Army Depot VideoCorinne Shia, Project Engineer, SAIC
Great job! The whole `{`Web redesign and branding`}` project is moving well and you have a good sense of how to keep it going.
Project: ERS Web BrandingSusan Offutt, Economic Research Service, USDA
Mind & Media is a very professional organization that “walks the walk and talks the talk” for their areas of expertise, which include training and marketing in both traditional and new media.

That new media expertise was very valuable to my project. I gained insider insight by working with Mind & Media, learning about nuances related to the technical side of online outreach (e.g., Monster and Google) that ensured the success of our outreach campaign.

I appreciated that Mind & Media showed that they cared about my needs by making sure that I understood “outreach” in the same way that Mind & Media understands “outreach.”

This education process and careful listening extends to all of their customer service, with which I am very satisfied. Mind & Media always responded right away to any questions and really listened to my comments and what was important to me. If I had a concern, they were very responsive and addressed it in a friendly and collaborative way. They ensured that the government’s money was spent wisely on areas that truly addressed our needs.

I enjoyed visiting their unique office environment with its décor of old communication devices amidst the high-tech new media equipment. The contrast illustrates their saying, “Good communication—only the tools have changed.”

Project: OSD, AT&L WorkforceLeslie Blackmon, Program Manager, Workforce Analysis, AT&L Workforce & Career Management, Defense Acquisition University
Mind & Media “bends over backwards” for the government. They are very responsive to the ever-changing needs and requirements of the US Air Force (USAF) and the Your Guardians of Freedom (YGOF) contract. YGOF is a key program for USAF, and Mind & Media has completely turned it around, correcting the problems of the previous contractor. In 2006, USAF had very tight turnaround times for moving the website to the secure Air Force portal, and Mind & Media made sure it happened.Mind & Media folks have a very positive attitude. All of the people I work with are very pleasant, timely, and thorough in business dealings. While my point of contact at Mind & Media has changed twice since I took over the project in 2004, it almost felt as if I were dealing with the same person because the level of service remained so excellent.Mind & Media demonstrates concern for spending the government’s money wisely. In their standard financial practices such as invoicing, Mind & Media has always been accurate and quick. When we told them that we had limited funding for YGOF in FY07, they put together a proposal for the next four quarters that cut costs and saved significant time. It was a nice touch since Mind & Media didn’t have to do this and it wasn’t even something that USAF asked for.
Project: Your Guardians of FreedomJohn D. Hill, Contract Specialist, United States Air Force
The unfortunate part about this, I may not have the pleasure of working with you ever again. But I would like to say that dealing with problems is part of the territory; however, it is much easier when the person you are working with is understanding and patient; even if you were frustrated, you certainly didn’t express it towards me, which I appreciate. It is in my nature to be respectful and helpful, I can only thank you in return for being patient with the situation. Working with people like yourself makes what I am doing worthwhile. So thank you, and thank you even more for the kind words; it has put a smile on my face!
Acquisition and Procurement OfficeBruce E. Baldwin II, Washington Headquarters Services
The video was a great success at the meeting and the Committee has approved its release. Please have the required videos available for distribution as soon as possible.
Project: HireVetsFirstWilliam Offutt, Executive Director, National HireVetsFirst Campaign
I will definitely refer folks to Mind & Media in the future. I was really impressed with your team and their client-centered focus and responsiveness to my (unending) requests. Again, please thank your team for the dedication and patience with me and my unending requests!!! And thank you for being such a great person to work with. You made an incredibly challenging project a little more do-able.
Project: Massachusetts Providers’ Council Web-Based TrainingBobbie Dressel, Project Manager, Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc.
I am very pleased. It has just the right amount of content for the audience we are trying to reach.
Project: Military Equipment Valuation InitiativeTom Ruckdaschel, Property Accountability Specialist, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Acquisitions, Technology & Logistics
I am so excited!!! We love our Mind & Media guys!!! Thanks, everyone, for all your hard work and flexibility!
Project: WV DHHR, Infant & Toddler Professional Development ProgramHelen Stine, Caliber, an ICF Consulting Company
Our staff enjoyed working with Mind & Media on the DVD “Resiliency: Mission Ready for Life” project. Mind & Media was very responsive to our requests, and a joy to work with.
Project: Resiliency for Life DVDSteven Rexer, Administrative Program Specialist, MPSC, Contractor, Kansas National Guard Resiliency Center
Mind & Media’s teamwork, attitude, and approach were excellent. They made our needs their number one priority. I would definitely work with Mind & Media again.
Project: Resiliency for Life DVDLTC Shawn C. Manley, Program Manager, Kansas National Guard Resiliency Center
I just want to say thank you for the outstanding job you did on the video. Extremely professional the whole way. Thanks again for the great job you did.
Project: The Way of the Warrior DVDCPT Robert H. Paley, Ohio Army National Guard, Recruit Sustainment Program AO
We are ecstatic with the five new YOU CAN School Program presentations. The presentations’ dynamic “MTV” style keeps the students interested in learning and wanting to know more about the National Guard! Thanks again for another job well-done, and we look forward to working with you on more National Guard projects.
Project: YOU CAN School ProgramLTC Paul Trapp, National Guard Bureau
The YOU CAN School Program drew praise and excellent results from the students, faculty, and administration. Keep up the good work. The program addresses hot issues of today and is simple to teach. You have the endorsement of the North Carolina National Guard.
Project: YOU CAN School ProgramKen Phillips, North Carolina Army National Guard
We had a chance to review the CD and were very pleased with the product. It is very creative, interesting, and very well-made. Thank you for your great work.
Project: Environmental Business Finance ProgramJoanna Willott, Program Officer, International Finance Corporation
Mind & Media did an excellent job of responding and adapting to our changing needs on `{`the Social Security Administration`}` project. When our client made last-minute project changes, Mind & Media was right with us every step of the way in accommodating those changes.
McManis AssociatesSam Falcone
Good set-up and competent staff made for a great work environment. We’re very pleased with the final product. Will spread the word about Mind & Media around here at AED.
Academy for Educational DevelopmentMarcia Rock, Program Officer
The site launch was a success. Thanks so much for your expertise and professionalism. You are terrific.
Project: ERS Web BrandingDana Hallman, Economic Research Service, USDA
The “Corn Briefing Room” and database was a tremendous hit at the Data Users’ Conference in Chicago on Monday. People were obviously extremely impressed, and indicated that they could not have come up with a concept that fit their needs any better. Thanks to all of you for the terrific help that you provided `{`with the ERS Web 2000 site redesign`}`.
Project: ERS Web BrandingJoy Harwood, Economic Research Service, USDA
In assisting with the Range Symposium, Mind & Media helped greatly in promoting TIPA’s and Ambassador William Hughes’ goal of expanded environmental information sharing between America and Panama. Your assistance also began the process of reducing much of the misinformation and fear surrounding unexploded ordnance on the bases in Panama.
Project: Panama Canal Transfer Public Information CampaignRichard McSeveney, Panama Canal Treaty Implementation Plan Agency
Absolutely great training. This training and emphasis from senior leadership should really start to make a difference for our state.
Project: Retention Now ToolkitLTC Rondal L. Turner, Army National Guard
The Digital Press marketing CD you made is great! Of course, we expected something great, but you delivered something that was 100% better than expected. The CD will really help us in our marketing efforts. You really understood what our needs were. Thank you, Mind & Media.
Project: Digital Press Marketing CDLee Martin, Digital Press