Over the past five years, Mind & Media developed more than 100 elearning modules for Census to train listers, enumerators, and supervisors in advance of the 2020 census. Mind & Media provided instructional design support and produced software simulations, animations, and supporting training videos.

Mind & Media produced high quality products that exceeded Census’ expectations. They adhered to the schedule set by Census Bureau but were also agile when competing mission critical priorities forced schedule deviations. Of special mention, Mind & Media was very prompt in responding to time-sensitive requests and never failed to deliver.

Developing complex online training for mission-critical decennial operations was no small task. But Mind & Media delivered products that were of high quality, highly engaging, and effective for decennial field staff. I was extremely satisfied with Mind & Media’s work ethics and high standards of professionalism. Mind & Media has a strong team and it was a great pleasure with them.

—Branch Chief, U.S. Census Bureau

I am super proud of this. When I watch it, I hear one message after another that speaks to our mission. Thank you so much for all your effort!

We were able to show the Cognitive Processing Therapy video to our trainers in a refresher train-the-trainer online workshop on Friday and it was really well received! There were many glowing comments about how much they liked it (one of my favorite comments was how we captured a range of emotions!)

—Veteran Affairs Client
Project: Cognitive Processing Therapy Video

I have been training at a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu dojo for the past few years. Usually, most people are too busy to engage in conversation, as most folks arrive with just enough time to spar and then they have to quickly get back home. After one particularly intense sparring round with another of the dojo students (in which he beat ‘the #**!’ out of me), he turned to me and remarked that ‘he had really enjoyed the video.’ I said, ‘What video?’ ‘The one on Cyber Safety…the one in which you’re the host,’ he replied. I smiled as he said, ‘I’ve had to sit through a lot of elearning in my career but that had to be the best elearning experience I’ve ever had…ALL elearning should be that good!’

—Eric Olson, Cyveillance
Project: Cyber Safety 101 Web-Based Training

I wanted to thank Chris and Jason and the rest of your team for a great experience yesterday in recording the audio for the APHL [Association of Public Health Laboratories] TB courses. I was very nervous about taking on such a task, but you and your staff were all very patient, encouraging and professional making it a wonderful experience to add to my professional life.  I look forward to seeing the finished product after your team works their magic.

—Mary DeMartino, Interim Disease Control Division Director, State Hygienic Laboratory, Coralville, Iowa
Project: APHL Online Courses

I have had positive experiences in the various projects between Mind & Media and the Army National Guard Well-Being office. I look forward to working with you in the future.

—LTC Tom Languirand, National Guard Bureau
Project: Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program

Congratulations on a job well done. I am so impressed with your getting up to speed so quickly on content, exercising judgment that is sensitive to the content and client, design, and flexibility. It’s been a real pleasure working with you. I look forward to continuing to expand our site.

—Ann Todd, Rainmakers Government Solutions, LLC
Project: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, MEDIC Training

Mind & Media got excellent CPARS reviews from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for several years in a row for our desktop publishing work on the Medicare & You handbooks. Reviewers used phrases like:

  • “…consistently met all contract requirements, routinely submitting deliverables ahead of schedule…”
  • “…maintained consistent, regular, proactive communication…”
  • “…consistently provided high quality customer service…”
  • [The two key personnel have been] outstanding, responsive, and highly qualified…”
  • “Mind & Media has been an outstanding contractor and CMS has been extremely happy with their performance…”
  • “Mind & Media required almost no technical direction or oversight to meet contract requirements and consistently provided high-quality deliverables with virtually no errors.”
  • “The contractor did an excellent job of managing costs under the contract. The contractor continues to improve on internal processes, increasing efficiency and thus reducing costs during the contract period.”

Project: CMS Medicare & You Handbooks

Thanks again for an amazing job on my workshop presentation and handouts. Mind & Media has exceeded my expectations on the first round. Never before have I ever worked with any marketing/media company (and I have worked with lots, small and large, including Ogilvy and some of the big NY firms) that nailed it on the first draft. You should be extremely proud of the incredibly talented and insightful team you have. I cannot thank you enough, as I know this will elevate the quality and results of my workshop and increase business to the level I have been striving for.

—Mike Matalone, Principal, PI Midlantic Group Chairman, and Speaker, TEC International
Project: PI Workshop Multimedia Presentation

I appreciate all of the outstanding support that Mind & Media continues to provide. I like working with people who really care about providing outstanding service and doing it the right way!

—John D. Hill, Contract Specialist, United States Air Force
Project: Your Guardians of Freedom

What I like best about working with Mind & Media is the people. Each person I interacted with was oriented toward the same mission—my mission. Each represented the company well.

My questions were answered promptly and professionally. I was impressed with the extranet they set up, which allowed me to log on anytime to see project status and follow ongoing discussion of production issues.

Midway through our very large project, a change of orders necessitated shifting what our end result would be. Mind & Media’s flexibility was much appreciated—the Project Manager, writers, and video team adapted quickly to our redefined needs.

Despite these changes, our final budget did not change. Mind & Media identified ways to adapt while staying within budget. They were conscientious about spending the government’s money wisely.

Mind & Media also educated us about industry best practices to ensure we got the best product possible. We knew we wanted video-based training, but I was not familiar with the intriguing “choose your own adventure” style that Mind & Media developed for us. What sold our agency on that format were the impressive statistics they showed us comparing comprehension and retention rates for interactive training vs. traditional passive training. Since the project launched, many users have commented on how much they learned from it compared to past training experiences.

From start to finish, my experience with Mind & Media was excellent.

—Special Agent, DoD, Director for Administration & Management
Project: Video-based training for a law enforcement organization

From the beginning of our project, Mind & Media provided us with excellent product plans that helped set a level of discipline and comfort on our side—we had not seen product plans like this from other contractors we had worked with. Mind & Media also started from well-developed templates for all work done and this should be an industry standard if it isn’t already.

Mind & Media doesn’t have a boilerplate mentality. While other contractors would do the bare minimum to get through the project, Mind & Media went above and beyond. Customer service is very responsive and excellent. I especially liked that I got responses to emails and phone calls within two hours of sending them.

Mind & Media’s willingness to look for new creative solutions within a limited budget is what really sets them apart. We got what we wanted despite budget constraints. They used some internal talent for voice-over to save money and provided original artwork on a budget as well.

What I liked best of all about working with Mind & Media was the responsiveness and the creativity of those working on the project. Everyone on the project listened and heard us out and came up with very creative solutions.

All in all, Mind & Media has spoiled us. Mind & Media “gets it.”

—Internal Revenue Agent, Internal Revenue Service
Project: StayExempt.org

I wanted to let your team know how quickly their work is going to be making an impact on both getting people jobs in Massachusetts and allowing agencies to have more qualified staff to provide services to their clients.

I received a call just this morning about a group of refugees from Africa who are struggling with the [training material] in the old format. When I said that you all were finalizing the [material] in the new format with audio, they were thrilled!! They said that since English is not their first language, the audio is very key to their comprehension. I also have an agency that desperately needs more staff. So hopefully by June 30, over 100 people will be credentialed and placed in jobs.

Just wanted to share that perspective…these modules are going to quickly make an impact on many lives—thanks to your team.

—Bobbie Dressel, Project Manager, Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc.
Project: Massachusetts Providers’ Council Web-Based Training

You put together a powerful film; the message of what it takes to live with wildlife came through brilliantly. The conservation education value of [SOS: Stories of Survival] is tremendous.

—Independent judge, International Wildlife Film Festival

D&B Scores

Mind & Media received an overall performance rating of 92. We were rated on the following categories:

  • Overall Performance
  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Order Accuracy
  • Delivery/Timeliness
  • Quality
  • Business Relations
  • Personnel
  • Customer Support
  • Responsiveness

We received perfect scores from our clients in Quality, Personnel, and Customer Support!

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